Listen to the new EP by Fucktomb!

Today, Punknews is thrilled (and a little scared) to debut the new EP by Fucktomb!

These three fiends play totally blown out, totally gnarly, totally savage hardcore-meets-grindcore. The names of the three members really tell you most of what you need to know: The Creep, Yogg-Kavorkian, and Fucknife.

The band's new ep, Enter the Fucktomb is not only just totally whacked out, but they take a page from the earliest days of Napalm Death and John Zorn and apply the grindcore texture to a freestyle jazz body. The result is something not only mean, but something that's intelligent, too.

We asked the band for a quote about the new EP, but they simply replied with this strange missive, written on actual parchment, sent by personal carrier: "The wastelands of Philadelphia. The tribes are at war. The Cult of the Eagle had pillaged and taken control of the entire city. The last remaining members of the cult of Fucktomb escaped into the sewers beneath the city, exiled. Goddamned to the gallows, these last survivors, decrepit of spirit began committing atrocious science experiments in the labyrinth below the city. Evidence of these experiments has begun to surface. Enter the Fucktomb." Check out the new EP below.