We're excited to premiere a rollicking new song today from Toronto punk/blues duo catl. The band's often lumped into the Deep Blues scene for their combination of vintage Mississippi Delta sounds with punk rock bombast. If you're familiar with the Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser, or Cedric Burnside, we're in that ballpark. Today we're previewing the song "Drive," a tune that embraces the "absolute meaningless of being in a band." You can find out more below.


catl. features guitarist Jamie Fleming (who rocks out on a 40s Gretsch) with drummer Sarah Kirkpatrick (on a 2-piece kit). The band spoke to about the sentiment behind "Drive":

"Drive is a song about hitting the road, but it is also the first track off the record and really a summation about being in bands in general. The absurdity of being in a band and the undesirability of dealing with the music industry begs the question "Why do people do it?". It also examines the self-importance that musicians seem to carry around with themselves. We see ourselves not as artists doing something important but rather as entertainers trying to get people to have a good time with us. No one cares about our political ideologies and no one should care what someone like Bono or Thom Yorke thinks as well."

catl's upcoming record, their fifth, is titled Bide My Time Until I Die. It arrives on September 21 from French label Beast Records. The band will tour throughout the fall in Canada and the US.

9.21 & 22TORONTO, ONDakota Tavern
9.29LONDON, ONCall the Office
10.5HAMILTON, ONThis Ain't Hollywood
10.6KITCHENER, ONBoathouse
10.12CHICAGO, ILMontrose Saloon
10.13DETROIT, MITheatre Bizarre at the Detroit Masonic Temple
10.16NASHVILLE, TNthe 5 Spot: $2 Tuesdays w. Derek Hoke
10.20PADUCAH , KYMaiden Alley Cinema Oktoberfest
10.27TORONTO, ONDakota Tavern: catl's 4th Annual Hallowe'en Spooktacular


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