This Fall, Fucked Up will be releasing a double LP called Dose Your Dreams as well as a single (and maybe more). They've also not so subtly hinted that a companion compilation will be released along with the album proper. Raise Your Voice Joyce: Contemporary Shouts From Contemporary Voices is out October 19 via the UK's Static Shock Records. Of course, that compilation has the same title as a song off the upcoming Fucked Up album. The release is described as "Contemporary shouts from contemporary voices charting a small piece of the limitless history of women in revolt. Eight tracks; each one a history; a story; a biography, told through disparate styles, from early anarcho punk and UK82 to DIY snapshots of goth crossover - all bound together to cement an activated and radical disruption vita. Joyce is the revolting woman; a constant of history.." Bands appearing on that com include Nekra, Good Throb, Arms Race, Sauna Youth, Hurula and more. Hear one of the songs from it, "Black Cardigans" by Bryony Beynon, below.