Leftover Crack recently departed from New York towards Canada for a Canadian tour. However, when they got to the border, the Canadian government denied several members entry into the country despite the fact that the band had been approved for artist visas and other required applications. Vocalist Stza and gutiarist Brad Logan we not allowed into the country. However, the tour will continue with a modified lineup. Joey Steel of All Torn Up! and Dave Rodriguez of the Krum Bums will fill in on vocals. Guitars will be handled by Reed Wolcott from We Are The Union. You can see the band's statement below.

Leftover Crack statement Canada! We're still coming!

The United States of Americas closed borders, cultural/racial insensitivity & general intolerance of any place or anybody that does not fit their cookie cutter mold of capitalism over caring has been thoroughly documented & perhaps has been a bit of a white-washing over countless other government policies with a bit less PR. But as someone that travels all around the world, I can assure you that most of the people that work at the immigration offices, border crossings & border patrols of countries everywhere are very similar & unfortunately enjoy weilding their small measures of power a little bit too much.

After jumping through all of the hoops, including filing & providing the proper paper work, applying for artist work visas & even hiring an immigration attorney to make sure that we fulfilled every part of the intricate process completely, Brad Logan & I have been denied entry into Canada.

Apparently even with all of the correct permissions & paperwork approved & supplied, the entry into Canada is left to the discretion of whichever border agent that we encounter. This one did not want to let Brad & I pass into the country despite our best behavior & efforts.

But Leftöver Crack is not a band that will give up on playing a show, a tour or making something happen once we put our mind to it. So, instead of canceling our Canadian dates, we've enlisted the help of some our best friends that also hapen to be our favorite punk singers to help make these shows kick off .

We have convinced Joey Steel of NYC's All Torn Up!, Skullcaster & Cop/Out as well as Dave Rodriguez from the Krum Bums, Starving Wolves &, most recently, The Casualties to fill in on vocals, while our lead guitarist Reed Wolcott from Detroits We Are The Union will be filling in on the parts that he's already inherited from our former lead guitarists. We promise that the shows will be fun as fuck & that you will enjoy it way more than staring at a blank stage. For those of you that have purchased advanced tickets & would prefer to have their money back instead of attending the concert will be able to do so via the original point of purchase without hassle.

We pretty much did this same thing when we toured canada the time before last, our two guitarist/vocalists were refused entry, so Alec, Donny & I had to put the set together with myself on guitar after handing the instrument off to others for several years & we pulled it off.

Now, I know it's not gonna be the same without Brad or I, but I promise you, that if you give it a chance & perhaps sing along, you'll have just as much fun as you would have with us stinking up the rooms. Just remember, these guys don't have to be making these shows happen & it took a bit of convincing to get everybody on board, but they're practicing all of your favorite Choking Victim & LöC songs as I dictate this to our friend to be posted online & it'll be punk as fuck, but also just as good as we always play thanks to our super tight as fuck band. Just please remember, it's not any of the bands faults that we've been denied. The burden lands squarely on the shoulders of the Canadian border patrol & immigration.

So don't let these arbitrary borders further divide us. Let's celebrate the victory of having these shows go on despite the efforts of our governments to stifle our message & meaning.

I'm sad as fuck about this & I'm currently in legal limbo detained somewhere between Canada & the USA until further notice. Help me & the band out by coming down to the shows, being positive & supportive & hopefully I can get out of here to work on another tour up there soon. BUT WE NEED YOUR ENTHUSIASM & SUPPORT NOW MORE THAN EVER!


Sturg "Stza" Crack

Never Cancel, Always Care!