On October 31, World/Inferno Friendship Society will be hosting their annual Hallowmas show at The Warsaw club in Brooklyn. Each day up to the 31st, starting today, singer Jack Terricloth is releasing a dispatch about the event. See the first dispatch bvelow,

Jack Terricloth Dispatch

SO I AM STANDING AT THE GATES OF THE WEST, a victim of a persistent vision.

The season of Hallowmas is again upon us and it is time to limber up in the midnight hours where I am happy to to be your Virgil through these ever darkening mornings. Whether you are reading this blearily at your office jobs at Nine in the morning or cannily pointing out to your bartender that the sign says they close at 4 AM calling for one for the road, your pal Jack Terricloth from the popular and well regarded World/Inferno Friendship Society is here to help you spread pumpkiny goodness to your friends, relatives, reluctant coworkers and strangers on the subway. Do it friends, if you don’t no one will. None of us like the term ‘responsibility’, we don’t, it’s not. ‘Urge’ sounds weird, ‘Imperative’ sounds fascist, ‘desire’ sounds licentious- so let’s go with that.

You know where we’ll be October 31st. Our desire looks forward to your attendance. I’ve an imperative to write you every night for 30 days so i will. talk to you tomorrow-

Jack Terricloth

World/Inferno Friendship Society

Ridgewood, Queens NYC

October 1 2018