Manitoba NYC aka Manitoba, which is the latest incarnation of Dictators, was established during legal conflict between singer Handsome Dick Manitoba and former guitar player Andy Shernoff. Just yesterday, Dick Manitoba stated that this incarnation of the band is no more and that he will be starting a solo band. He also added that he will be recording new material. See his statement below.

Dick Manitoba release

To the 8000+ fans of MANITOBA NYC, PLEASE “ LIKE”. THE HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA FAN PAGE. the band as it was with that name has effectively disbanded

Handsome Dick Manitoba shall continue on

I am in the midst of putting together a bunch of guys to play with

part of what we will be doing is celebrating the music of the long and storied music history of the band I sang lead in for over 43 years THE DICTATORS a band I lead live for over 43 years

Add it to that will be songs from my new record and some of your favorite cover songs show will be great I can guarantee that

the other parts of what we will be doing will be putting out my new album

starting a podcast

selling merchandise

and more

it will all be under the umbrella

the cottage industry

known as

Handsome Dick

for all the people here 8000+ that “LIKE” us, and want to support this band and bunch of exciting new stuff coming your way

in order to continue to support

please send a “LIKE” HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA FAN PAGE HERE, on Facebook and any support for Handsome Dick would be far more than greatly appreciated

it thank you all