Swedish punk show requires attendees to be at least 40 years old
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The punk scene in Stockholm, Sweden is both thriving and storied, with multiple bands having a median age of 50 or older. In fact, these veteran bands have formed a collective called "Instapunk" which includes the bands The Old, Bitter Pud Alone, and The Congregation. Tomorrow, all three bands are throwing a show with an age minimum. In order to get into the gig, you have to be at least forty years old, though, if you are under 40, you can get in with someone that does meet the age requirement, as your chaperone. The show is at Lonnkrogen in Stockholm Thursday night. Instapunk describes themselves as: "the angry voice of a middle aged generation. We are 90 seconds songs. We are bored by youth. We wear our reading glasses with pride. We are the future."