Danbert Nobacon releases "G.O.P. spells... gutting our planet" video

Danbert Nobacon of Chumbawamba has released a new music video. It's for the brand new song "G.O.P. spells… gutting our planet" Punknews recently spoke to Danbert. Check out the video below along with a short essay by Danbert about it.

"The billionaire owned corporate media's dominant narrative has always pretty much been that the G.O.P. ie the Republicans, are a respected and moral political party. Two years with Trump at their helm shows their true colors.

Changing a mainstream narrative from below has never been easy, but it is what Occupy Wall Street did. They put the terminology of the 1% and the 99% into the mainstream daily vernacular.

This rush release rough ‘punk rock mantra for the Mid-Terms' is a humble attempt to shift the narrative to describe the G.O.P. for what they actually are: "a gang of perp-earth-rapers," and for what they are actually doing, which is "gutting our planet" and the whole litany of other crimes they are committing on a daily basis against we the people and our earth.

If the mere mention of the acronym “G.O.P.” conjured up some of the actual damage wrought by the identifiable political faction of people-hating planet-hating Republicans (and those establishment Democrats wannabes) then we might go some way to taking them down. And take them down we must.

If we reacted to the mention of G.O.P like most of us react to the word "Nazi"—with justifiable humane revulsion—then we might prevent them from fulfilling their very real terracidal potential to commit far worse crimes than what the Nazis under Hitler did.

If, on the other hand, we allow the G.O.P. and their corporate pals to continue destroying the ecosphere of Planet A, and its ability to support human and much animal life, then this is not punk rock hyperbole, but the writing on the wall. "

— Danbert Nobacon October 2018