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with this news taken straight from the Shakedowns newsletter:
"The ShakeDowns are getting set to record a new album at the end of this month with none other than legendary producer Jack Endino himself. You know Jack, he's produced albums you know and love like Hot Hot Heat 'Make Up The Breakdown', Nirvana 'Bleach', Zen Guerilla 'Shadows On The Sun', The Murder City Devils 'Empty Bottles Broken Hearts', The Makers 'Psychopathia Sexualis', and now The ShakeDowns! Assisting at the controls will be Jamie from The Makers. He plays a wicked guitar and hopes to impart his knowledge on the sessions.

In other news, the new 2CD set of "ON" hits stores on Tuesday September 9. If it's not at a store you normally go to (i.e. Tower, Smash, Exclusive Co, Record Time, etc.) then yell at them to order it or go directly to Interpunk, Morphius or Amazon. This release is a limited edition set with our entire first album "ON", our complete first demo "Rock N Roll Makes Me Sick" and a BONUS CD single of the new track "Arrogance" (which will be on the new album recorded with Jack Endino) with 3 B-sides and 3 videos (Gonna Get In A Fight, Leave That Woman & Jump Slide Twist and Grind). At only $12 it's totally worth it. After this first run sells out the set will be split up and no doubt we'll charge you more for each. HA!"

Here are some MP3s from the releases mentioned above:
From 'On' - I Got Your Number
From 'Rock N Roll Makes me Sick' - Motorgirl
From 'Arrogance single' - Volvo 240