Stream Jagger Holly's new album in full!
by Streams

Consider today a two-fer as Punknews is pleased to bring you the full stream of Jagger Holly's new album The Last Of The International Playboys! The album is due out November 16th, but we're bringing it to you today! Why a two-fer? Well like our noon premiere, this album is also being released by Monster Zero Records in Europe, with Delaware's Mom's Basement Records and Cali's Outloud! Records joining in for American distribution.

The Last Of The International Playboys follows up the band's 2016 LP DJ Free Europe, along with a smattering of singles and compilation entries. Not bad output for a group formed in 2015.

A little bit about Jagger Holly:

Jagger Holly, originally from Ohio but now residing in the Alps, is here to restore the Rock and Roll that has been missing for far too long!! You have all heard of the British invasion, some of you may remember that sad period of music known as disco, perhaps you can recall metal before it was killed. Jagger Holly is bringing a musical revolution that will be rivaled by none the above, this is going to be something new and unmatchable. Be prepared, or at least try to be.

And Monster Zero has this to day about the album:

Jagger Holly is Back! The band around poppunk genius Jay Dee (ex-Spastic Hearts / Johnie 3) is right in time for Christmas with their 2nd full length album “The Last Of The International Playboys”! Recorded at the "Weirdo Garage" in Innsbruck, Austria. 12 brand new tracks! Songs about girls and living to party! Featuring members of DeeCracks and On My Arms! You wanted the best? Here's Jagger Holly!

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album on vinyl from Monster Zero in Europe or Mom's Basement in the USA. While Outloud! will be distributing it on CD in America.