Today, we are THRILLED to debut the new album by Crazy and the Brains!

Into the Ugly is out next Friday and straight up, it is the band's best album yet. They're still anchored by the earliest New York punk rock- some New York Dolls licks here, some Patti Smith surrealism there, and and some straight up Ramones-style smashing everywhere. But, the new release really does feel like a breakthrough. While they've always reveled in a freewheeling John Waters-meets-Richard Hell aesthetic, the new album finds them keeping that shell intact while diving deeper down. There are moments on Into the Ugly where the band pulls back on their rampaging xylophone charge and reveal a sensitive, perhaps melancholy core- and these moments are truly moving. And of course, they still maintain their other ideal which is furious, flying, freaky weirdo punk rock. It's good, man.

You can pick up the new LP right here and hear the whole thing below, right now! (The band is also touring with Leftover Crack real soon, too).