Dirtnap Records announce 'American Noise: Vol. 2'

Madison, WI based record label Dirtnap Records will be releasing the second volume companion soundtrack to The Smart Studios Story. The second edition is called American Noise: Vol. 2. The Smart Studios Story is a documentary about the history of the Midwest's Smart Studios. The first volume of American Noise chronicles the earliest of legendary Butch Vigs recordings. Volume 2 will focus on artists that recorded at the studio between 1987 to 1993. American Noise: Vol.2 will be released on limited edition one time pressing of 500 on black vinyl on January 18th, 2019 through Dirtnap Records. You can click here to pre-order the album.

Track List
1. TAD – Jack
2. Cherubs - Shoofly
3. Laughing Hyenas – Wild Heart
4. Die Kreuzen – Gone Away
5. Killdozer - Lupus
6. The Crucifucks - Wisconsin
7. Cosmic Psychos – Dead Roo
8. Young Fresh Fellows – Sittin’ On A Pitchfork
9. The Fluid – Our Love
10. Gumball - Accelerator
11. Urge Overkill - Faroutski
12. The Singing Irishman – Balloon Man