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We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews Exclusive stream for Kent, Ohio's emo punk band Dead Fall. Dead Fall is releasing a new five song EP titled Never Expected tomorrow and we are premiering their full EP below. The band formed in 2013 while still in high school and pulls their influences anywhere from emo, shoegaze to punk. Dead Fall is for followers of Title Fight, Citizen, and The Story So Far.



"Temporary Bliss

"Drowned Out"

"Never Expected"

"'Never Expected' captures the turmoil of a young adult growing older and realizing how rapidly life changes. Feeling things you never knew you could feel is confusing and terrifying. Experiencing major life changes that are out of your control for the first time can have a massive impact on one’s outlook on life, as well as one’s mental health. The things you never expect to happen can and will. This EP is about experiencing that, coming to understand it, accepting it, and moving forward."
-drummer and lyricist Nick Barke