Damaged City Announces 2019 Line Up
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Damaged City Fest, held in the Nation's Capitol, has revealed it's 2019 lineup.The festival runs April 11th-14th in Washington DC. This year, the following bands are palying: Despise You (LA) Screaming Females (NJ) Low Vision (Japan) Milk (Japan) Night Birds (NJ) Game (UK) Haram (NY) Torso (CA) Devil Master (PA) Mil-Spec (CAN) Krimewatch (NY) Narrow Head (TX) Protester (D.C.) The Wound (UK) Rotten Mind (Sweden) Raw Brigade (Columbia) Kaleidoscope (NY) Bad Sports (TX) Body Pressure (TX) Lysol (WA) Blu Anxxiety (NY) Regional Justice Center (WA) Zorn (PA) Sexpill (TX) The Pose (TX) The Ire (PA) Syringe (MD) The Rememberables (DC) Asesinato (DC) Aertex (DC) Plastic Taste (VA) Acquisition (DC) Corvo (DC).