Check out the new track by Pagan Babies!

Today, Punknews is THRILLED to debut the new track by Pagan Babies! The band recently released their first song in over 30 years, and now we've got the second!

Pagan Babies were a solid part of the mid-to-late '80s hardcore scene in Philadelphia and their return finds them unearthing a long forgotten track. "My Life" was written during the band's original run, but was lost to the sands of time and never recorded. In fact, they only played it live a few times. So, it's fitting that as they return to the studio, they exhume this long lost gem and give it a proper recording.

Speaking to Punknews about the track, singer Michael McManus said, "Considering the time the lyrics were written, I personally was reacting to overbearing parents, living more to please them and people around me than doing what made me happy. Hell, I revisited that same crossroads with my divorce, diplomatically stating, '… JUST TODAY, I CAN SAY, DECIDED TO LIVE MY LIFE, MY OWN WAY!!!' Clearing as much or all negative energy as you possibly can. 20, 40 years of age, it still is a mantra for me and many adults. “Give me some space, so you can see me twice” it’s a figure of speech but essentially means don’t wear out your welcome too soon with me.”

The band is playing this Saturday at the Alone in a Crowd reunion show in Philly. Until then, check out "My Life" below, right now!