Jello Biafra to curate film screenings in Colorado

Jello Biafra is going to curate a series of screenings of obscure and vintage films in Denver, Colorado. The first screenings will focus on actress Mamie van Doren, and will show the films High School Confidential and Guns, Girls, And Gangsters. Biafra will be at the screenings and will introduce and discuss the films. He stated, "When I was out for Noir City Denver, The Alamo Drafthouse asked me to try my hand as a film host of the 3 50's Bombshells, she's the one who rocked! Who can forget her in "HS Con", or in this criminally underrated B-Noir classic, where she also sings two great songs."

The series is titled Jello Biafra's Incredibly Strange Theater and the first screening is May 24 at Alamo Drafthouse Denver.