Get tickets right here!!!

YeEeEeEe Haaawwwww!!! Grab your sideirons partner, because on March 22, we are throwing the showdown to end all showdowns!

Charged up, New Jersey, weirdo punkers Crazy and the Brains are going to headline the duel with their manic songs about food and Nina Simone! Before that, hometown heroes The Droogettes are bringing their knuckle dusting '77 style punk and will shake the room! Before that, as a special treat, UK hardcore smashers Natterers are playing their first ever USA show and it will rip! And before that, F. Woods and the Fellow Humans (Featuring Woods of the Joe Jack Talcum band) will open the show with their down home country, gothic punk! It will be a hootenanny for sure!

The show is March 22 at Creep records in Philly. Tickets are only $5-10, sliding scale (meaning you can pay what you can), and if you buy advance tickets, you get sweet goodie bag!

You can check out the facebook event page here and you can get tickets right here!