Man beats Burzum's Vikernes in Jeep race, wins Vikernes' only copy of debut CD, sells CD for $1500

Here's a weirder story for you. As you may know, Varg Vikernes is the musician behind Burzum, and has also expressed problematic and racist viewpoints over the decades. Last year, for some reason, a man called Nathan and Vikernes got in an argument over the Internet on whether vehicles developed in capitalist or socialist countries were better. (Vikernes drives a 1988 Jeep built in Eastern Europe). So, Nathan challenged Vikernes to a Jeep race. If Nathan won, Vikernes was required to give to him Vikernes' only copy of Burzum, the band's debut album. (That particular copy was given to Vikernes by Euronymous of Mayhem. Vikernes murdered Euronymous in 1993.) IIf Vikernes won, Nathan was required to admit that Vikernes was right on Vikernes Youtube page. Well, they raced by seeing which vehicle could get to 60 MPH quicker. Vikernes lost, getting up to 60mph in 16 seconds. Vikernes then gave Nathan his only copy of the CD.

After the loss, Vikernes stated, "Of course I didn't [think I was going to win]. It's just that - I wanted to make a point. You see, I'm getting pretty fed up with the greed everywhere. Everything is always about people trying to make profits. Profits to this, profits to that, the more the merrier… and there's no end to it. Cure the rot of greed in your brain by doing things not for profit, but for the benefit of others! If you want to change the world (I do…), you have to start with yourself."

Nathan then sold the CD on discogs in January 2019 for $1,500, making it the 19th most expensive item sold on Discogs in that month. He stated, "This is Varg's very own copy that he receieved from Euronymous that I won from a YouTube challenge against him. It is signed (only signed copy in existence) and there is proof on [Vikernes youtube channel] that this is legitimate. Please message me for in-depth photographs if interested." Discogs reported on the sale in their monthly report.

The details of the Jeep race portion of this article were previously reported by Ultimate Guitar.