If you've been following the bloody saga of Woodstock 50, you know that yesterday, Woodstock LC filed suit against ex-investor Dentsu for claiming the event was canceled and withdrawing $17 million in investment funds. As part of the Complaint, Woodstock LC requested a temporary restraining order be issued against Dentsu, preventing the Japanese company form commenting on the issue to the media or making other disparaging remarks. Today, the TRO was granted pending a hearing on Monday, which will be for a preliminary injunction. At that Hearing, the Court will determine if the terms of the current gag order should be extended.

Under that Order, Denstu "shall cease all communications relating to the Festival, including with the media, and Festival stakeholders, including state and county officials, venue operators, local vendors, community representatives, insurers, producers, and talent agencies and performers."

This gruesome contest for glory will continue Monday in Court.