Today, we are excited to debut the new track by Left Lane Cruiser!

This track is a roadhouse rumbler. With the bluesey distortion of ZZ Top and George Thorogood and some stoner rock low end swing for support, this track is the soundtrack to a bar located 15 miles off route 66 at 1:15 AM Sunday morning. That is, this track is gnarly.

The band's Freddy J spoke to Punknews about the tune: "'Sweat Love to Shine' is a song about heat. From the heat on the stage to the heat on the street. When your sweat starts to shine you know you feeling that heat. As a band on the road your job is to bring the party but the fuzz is always waiting around the corner, ready to jump out and getcha. And most musicians are left in a constant vulnerable condition to law enforcement. It's a hard line to walk."

Shake and Bake is out via Bomp and you can pre-order it here. Meanwhile, check out the new tune below, right now!