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Punk in Drublic fest returns to USA on July 12 in Portland, Oregon. (Canadian dates precede the USA shows). At the Portland show, Nofx will play the entirety of their lengthy song "The Decline." Additionally, the performance will be backed by a full Orchestra conducted by composer Baz, who previously released an orchestral version of the song.

On the business side of things, Punk in Drublic revealed its new production team. As you may remember, the tour and Nofx had an ugly falling out with Stone Brewing Company last year, which ended with Nofx being kicked off the festival of their own namesake. Now that Fat Mike is in control of the name "Punk in Drublic" in the states again, the tour is being produced with Warped Tour's Kevin Lyman and Punk In Drublic co-owner Cameron Collins of Brew Ha Ha Productions.