Lot's of little news-bites from around. Some free mp3s, some submitted by readers, some from our friends at fastmusic and some other stuff I pulled out of my… uh… click below.

First of all, NOFX is putting up their official web site, at, and it should be out on the same day that the long awaited album, The Decline is released. For those of you living under rocks, and other things, that's November 23rd.

Also, Drive Thru records is going to be releasing a Video Compilation featuring a bunch of bands, including Fenix TX (formerly Riverfenix), and some of their other bands, like Allister, and Midtown.

Finally, Japanese punk-rock allstars Hi-Standard will be releasing their third (?) record on Fat, it's titled Making the Road, and it's out on November 2nd.

Ok, admittedly, there's more, so that last one shouldn't have been finally, more like almost finally or something.

Victory Records will be releasing the new SNAPCASE record. Woohoo. It'll be out, on January 25th of the new year. Or, year 00 for you programmers.

Speaking of cool releases, Victory is also releasing a video called, simply, Release featuring a lot of the more well known 'new-wave' bands. Short list: Bad Religion, Blink 182, Less than Jake, Earth Crisis, Sick of it All, Good Riddance, Face to Face, Weston, Shelter and more. Sounds damn cool.

They also put out the new records from Toronto's own Grade(!) If you haven't heard them yet, check out two free songs here.

I'll try and get a review up here as soon as we get it down at the offices. Ok, as soon as they deliver it to my parent's house.