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"You may have already heard about an Anti-Flag CD that was recently released on Liberation Records (Anti-Flag Live at the Fireside.) Liberation Records released this CD without our permission or knowledge, and without so much as a letter or a phone call to us. Liberation Records is stealing from the people who buy this record by selling shitty quality for a lot of money."
Click READ MORE for their full statement, and check out, as the band is putting up the bootleg in MP3 form for free to combat Liberation.

UPDATE: You can head over to Liberation Records to read a response to the accusations.

In our communications with our friends in other bands we have been informed that Liberation Records has pulled this maneuver before, and doing shit like this is fucked up for two reasons. First, and most importantly, they’re screwing those of you who listen to and like the bands whose music they steal, because you are not getting what you’ve come to expect from that band. The quality of this Anti-Flag release is fucking TERRIBLE!!! We would be embarrassed to release a CD whose quality is as horrible as this one’s. This CD and artwork is not what people who listen to Anti-Flag have come to expect from us in terms of sound quality and musicianship. We’ve heard from lots of people who were disappointed and mad that they wasted their money on this CD, and we just want them all to know we had nothing to do with it, and we’re mad too! Secondly, Liberation Records is taking advantage of the bands whose music they release. They’re making money from these releases but aren’t bothering to pay the bands that have worked really hard.

Buying this and similar CD’s put out by labels like Liberation Records doesn’t support the band you like. Please don’t encourage Liberation Records by buying this CD.

If you really need to hear how shitty this bootleg is we are in the process of putting it on our site so don't buy it!! If you have already purchased it, return it. If you can't return it, and you know someone who wants it, burn it for them. Don't let yourself be suckered into paying money for this thing. Believe you me it sucks!!