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and gives us an interview he recently did with Dropkick Murphys guitarist James Lynch. Click READ MORE to see the interview in all it's spelling errored glory.

Q:Hey whats your name, What band are you in, and What do you play/do for them?

A:james lynch, dropkick murphys, rhythm guitar.

Q:How long have you been with the Murphys?

A:going on 5 yrs now.

Q:So what was Warped Tour like? Got any interesting stories?

A:warped tour was very long and hot. not any intersting stories in particular, but it was pretty weird being around so many bands all the time and hanging out with people i probably would never meet otherwise. i made really good friends with one of the guys from andrew w.k.

Q:Where do you prefer to play, small venues- or big ones, like Warped?

A:definitely small venues. i was getting kind of bummed out on this sex pistols tour cuz the places are so big, but we did our own small club show and it was so much fun and got my spirits up again. you just connect better and have a better time all round.

Q:Is it different playing on Warped compared to playing your own shows in a bar or club?

A:very different, playing outside is always a weird thing, i feel like shows should be at night, so playing during the day is very strange for me. and like i said before, smaller venues are more fun because everyone is closer.

Q:So when is the DVD Coming out?

A:….this fall.. i think… maybe.. who knows… soon.. really…

Q:Whats it like playing with the Sex Pistols?

A:amazing, i cant even believe im playing with a band that broke up before i was even born.

Q:After the tour with you guys, the Casualties, Roger Miret and the Disasters whats going on? Is the band headed to the UK?

A:we are taking a break in december to be with our families, weve been going for a pretty long time and just need to stop and catch up on our home lives.

Q:People have been saying (on your own messageboard even!) your new album, "Blackout" is the bands "weakest" album yet. What do you think about that?

A:people can have their opinions, its personally my favorite, and i was a huge fan of the band before i joined.

Q:What is your favorite song to play?

A:dont really have one.

Q:What do you think about MTV, theyll play videos with half naked women running around but smash a beer bottle on someones head and your blacklisted???

A:ya i dont know about that… their weird,

Q:So when are you guys coming to Detroit again, we loved you!

A:hopefully soon, i cant even keep track of our tour dates, when someone tells me to get in the van, im there.. you can check our tour dates section.