by Fearless

After months and months of delay, Fearless Records will be releasing their long-awaited third volume of their Punk Goes… series, this one entitled Punk Goes Acoustic. The disc is scheduled to come out on October 21st. The compilation's lineup is an exercise in diversity, with everyone from Coalesce to Rise Against to Strike Anywhere to Midtown to Piebald and back again. One of the biggest pieces of note is the re-inclusion of Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Glasseater, and Grade - all four of which had been dropped from the compilation due to label problems. Click READ MORE for the full tracklisting.

Open Hand - Time To Talk
Thrice - Trust
Yellowcard - Firewater
Sugarcult - Memory
Finch - Letters To You
Thursday - A Hole In The World
The Starting Line - Playing Favorites
Strung Out - Velvet Alley
The Ataris - Eight Of Nine
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The E
From Autumn To Ashes - Chloroform Perfume
Rise Against - Swing Life Away
Piebald - The King
Rufio - Over It
Strike Anywhere - Chalk Line
Noise Ratchet - Away To The Heart
Coalesce - Blue Collar Lullaby
Grade - Gathering Darkness
Glasseater - Alone In The World
Midtown - Knew It All Along