Trump uses Ozzy's "Crazy Train," Osbourne sends cease and desist

Recently, Donald Trump posted a video criticizing the Democratic Debate from his official twitter account. The video showed a nearly minute clip of the debate with the song "Crazy Train," by Ozzy Osbourne, played over top of the video.

Ozzy and Sharon did not like that. They sent a cease and desist letter to the Trump campaign demanding that the campaign cease using any of Ozzy's work. (This letter follows a long history of Trump using musicians works without authorization.) The Osbourne camp also issued a statement via Sharon Osbourne:

"Based on this morning’s unauthorized use of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” we are sending notice to the Trump campaign (or any other campaigns) that they are forbidden from using any of Ozzy Osbourne’s music in political ads or in any political campaigns. Ozzy’s music cannot be used for any means without approvals. In the meantime, I have a suggestion for Mr. Trump—perhaps he should reach out to some of his musician friends. Maybe Kayne West (“Gold Digger”), Kid Rock (“I Am the Bullgod”) or Ted Nugent (“Stranglehold”) will allow use of their music."