Tau Cross leave Relapse, new album's future uncertain

In an unexpected announcement, Tau Cross has stated that they are leaving Relapse records before their upcoming album Messengers of Deception is released. The label was expected to release the album this summer and had been taking pre-orders. However, it appears that the label will no longer release the album as per the band's statement. See that statement below.

Tau Cross statement

"We regret to say that Tau Cross and Relapse records are now parting company after several successful and fruitful years together. Circumstances have arisen that must put an end to our relationship. We would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to all the staff and crew at Relapse for their work over these past few years and our apologies to supporters who have already bought the new record. We shall be looking into other avenues to release the album ‘Messengers of deception’ and will keep people updated about that development."