DEVOtional weekend reveals details, includes 5k race

DEVOtional Weekend is a Devo-centric fan fest. This year's event is July 26-27 at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Devo members Bob Mothersbaugh and David Kendrick make appearances at the fest. Devo videographer Rocky Schenck also appears does Delaney Jae, who is reissuing Devo material through Futurismo, Inc. Numerous band splayed, including Mutant Brass Band (Akron, OH)and DEVOmatix (Atlanta, GA). Lastly, there's also a 5k race called "The Race of Doom."

The Fest stated, "That's right…"Race of Doom" - a great song from DEVO's "New Traditionalists" album circa 1981. In this case, it's the theme for our 2019 5K DEVO Event. You might notice that D.O.O.M. is used as an acronym in this year's graphics. Exactly what it stands for, as well as what the song was originally inspired by, will be revealed on the morning of the race! Bob 1 will get the race started and greet you at the finish line!" Devo music plays during the entire race.