Sol Yaged And Tino Valpa - "As Time Goes By"

Tino Valpa of The Cryptics have teamed up with 95 year old NYC Jazz legend Sol Yaged to create a collaborative new album together. The 10 track album is as if Punk meets swing and will be available through Pine Hill Records. Sol Yaged is a legendary clarinetist who played from 1935 to his death in May 2019. He befriended owner of Pink Hill Records and Vocalist of The Cryptics, Tito Valpa and recorded 4 studio tracks and 6 previously unreleased live tracks from 1972. Today, we have the first track, "As Time Goes By". Ther record will be out on August 23rd, 2019 and is available for pre-order on LP, and CD through the label's website

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