by Charities

Following on the earlier announcement about the unexpected death of Somos guitarist Phil Haggerty, the band has announced that they will be making their upcoming LP, Prison On A Hill, available prior to its official release date for a limited-time only engagement. Proceeds from this week-long sale of the album will go towards Phil's funeral expenses.

Per the band's statement:

We are releasing our new record, Prison on a Hill, for one week only. All monies will be going to Phil Haggerty’s family for funeral expenses. The record will go back up on all platforms with the official release in the next few months. For now, please consider picking it up to support Phil’s family in a time of need. Phil poured countless hours into this record and was so proud of what we made together. I wish so badly he could be here today to share this moment.

You can pick up a digital copy of the album from their Bandcamp page, and check out the album's closing song, "Dreamless," below.