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Nekromantix will release a live DVD and a companion CD. The release was recorded in 2019 at the Observatory Theater in Santa Ana, California. It's titled Decades of Darkle is directed by Vicente Cordero, and is intended to be a celebration of the band's 30 years as a band. The lineup for the release is founder/bassist/vocalist Kim Nekroman, guitarist/backing vocalist Francisco Mesa and newish drummer/backing vocalist Rene D La Muerte. It's out via Cleopatra and MVD. See the tracklist below.

Decades of Darkle
1. Struck by a Wrecking Ball
2. Nightnurse
3. Alice In Psycholand
4. Brain Error
5. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend
6. Driller Killer
7. Nekrotastic Extacy
8. See The Devil Smile
9. Nekrofelia
10. Gargoyles Over Copenhagen
11. Subcultural Girl
12. Sea Of Red
13. Glow in the Dark
14. Brought Back To Life
15. Horny In A Hearse
16. Alive
17. Nice Day For A Resurrection
18. Haunted Cathouse
19. Who Killed The Cheerleader