Today, we are pleased to debut the new song by Drose!

Drose makes heavy, mean music. Drawing from the harsh, abrasive texture of Swans and the lumbering smash of Neurosis, Drose makes music that is decidedly vicious. In fact, the record itself was recorded in a secluded room in a automotive research factory. To enter the makeshift studio, Drose had to use a forklift to remove a steel plate and crawl inside a heavy-duty chassis dynamometer, referred to as "the hole.” You can hear buzzes, hums and whirls from the actual industrial machinery on the album in the background. Now that's heavy duty.

boy man machine+ is out October 18 and you can pre-order it right here.. Meanwhile, check out "a room" below, right now!

Nov 15Hamburg - DEStubnitz
Nov 17Geneve - CHKalvingrad
Nov 19Rotterdam - NLWorm
Nov 20Bruxelles - BEMagasin 4
Nov 21Groningen - NLVera
Nov 22Metz - FRLa Chouée
Nov 23Lyon - FRVenue TBA
Nov 24Gigors - FRCBGC's
Nov 25Marseille - FRL'Intermédiaire
Nov 26Barcelona - ESAteneu Popular de Nou Barris
Nov 27Pau - FRLa Ferronerie
Nov 28Paris - FREspace B
Nov 29Nantes - FRVenue TBA
Nov 30Rennes - FRMarquis de Sade