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us that 80s Nardcore band Dr. Know is breaking up. The band's last gig is in front of a hometown crowd in Ventura on September 28th at the Ventura Fairgrounds. Prior to the breakup the group recorded an album that has not since been released, however the press release below (click read more) states that copies may be available from the band. Earlier this evening contacted singer Brandon Cruz and confirmed this news.

After starting in early 1981 as one of the first Nardcore bands from Oxnard, Ca., Dr. Know is breaking up. Dr. Know was started by Kyle Toucher, Ismael Hernandez, and Robin Cartwright in early '81, and after having a few guys try out, the singer was Brandon Cruz. The band recorded it's first studio versions of several songs with Cruz, appeared on T.V., and started to play in L.A. After an inner turmoil, Cruz left the group in '83, leaving Toucher to take over vocals as the band started recording Plug In Jesus for Mystic Records. Several more albums followed including, the Burn e.p., then the metal years on Death Records/MetalBlade with This Island Earth and Wreckage In Flesh. Dr. Know is also on several compilations. The band started on Mystic Records, like so many other early 80's Los Angeles and Oxnard bands. For some reason, the owner of the label decided to try and cash in on something( who know's what?), and released an album called, " Dr. Know, The Original Group," in 1997, that featured Cruz as the singer. This lead to the rumor that Toucher was the original singer. In fact, the first singer was a Ventura punk named Joey Pena. If you do the math, Cruz was the fourth and eighth singer, and Toucher was the sixth. Dr. Know broke up shortly after Wreckage In Flesh was released in 1989, although they did a few shows afterwards, up until 1991. in 1998, Cruz called Henandez and together they approached Toucher to get the band back together. Sadly, Toucher said no, but Hernandez, being a founding member, and Cruz, went out and found some old friends and off they went, touring to Cananda with Dayglo Abortions, opening for Bad Religion, The Vibrators, D.O.A., D.R.I., Chelsea, and even headlining a few tours of their own and playing with other old school legends Fang, Gang Green, Ill Repute, Verbal Abuse, T.S.O.L., Fear, Agression, Stalag 13, J.F.A., and many others. Dr. Know also had the pleasure of getting to know several new bands from all over the country, like The Razorbabes, Portrait of Poverty, Lopez, In Control, Missing 23rd, Rejected Society, Opressed Logic, and Hippies In Flames, to name a few. In September of 2001, Cruz was asked to sing a gig with old friends Dead Kennedys. That one gig lasted until April of this year, but Dr. Know still managed another record, entitled "Father, Son, and Holy Shit!" and a west coast tour with Stalag 13. Cruz has since quit Dead Kennedys, but says that the decision to break up Dr. Know had nothing to do with his involvement with that band.

It's been a long time for Brandon and Ismael, and a great 5 years for Eric Vasquez and Craig Cano. The band does have an unreleased album, and you can probably get a copy if you email them at

Dr. Know wishes to thank everyone who came out and supported them.