Earlier this week, Tegan And Sara saw that their San Francisco show was "sold out" but about 200 tickets were available at inflated prices on the so-called "secondary market"- ticket re-sale sites controlled by live nation, their affiliates, and other unscrupulous entities. The result of this would be that even though the show was sold out, many seats would be empty at the actual show. So, the Quinn sisters devised an anti-scalper plan.

Just before the show, the band saw what seats were still on the secondary market, and at 8:15, let people without tickets "buy" those seats directly from the band at a pay-what-you-want fee donated to the Tegan and Sara LGBTQA youth foundation. Apparently, the project worked and the sisters are trying it out in other cities.

They stated: "Thank you to everyone who participated in our rush seating experiment in San Francisco, helping us to circumvent the negative effects of the secondary ticketing market. And thank you for your donations to the Tegan and Sara Foundation! We are continuing our analysis of other cities on the Hey, I’m Just Like You Tour where significant tickets are being unethically controlled by secondary ticketing platforms. As of today we can confirm that we will be offering rush seating again for our upcoming shows in Seattle (10/4), Vancouver (10/5), Edmonton (10/9), Calgary (10/10) and Winnipeg (10/12). This means that any fans without tickets will be able to line up outside the venues each evening, and we will fill any empty seats at show time on a "first come first serve" basis, in return for a “pay what you can” cash donation to the Tegan and Sara Foundation. We are working on posting a FAQ page on T& soon, which will provide further information for our rush seating plans as they continue to evolve. "