QWAM is definitely one of the cooler punk bands to form in the past few years. They take the energetic bounce of the Ramones, bend in some B-52's weirdness, maybe a little bit of No Doubt style genuine emotion, and then kick out tunes that are uniquely art-damaged.

Their debut LP, QWAM , was released earlier this year and it found the band cutting one of the best punk records, pop-punk or otherwise, of '19. Maybe one of the things that separates the band is that while they are weird and wacky, they are also kind of fucked up.

We're excited to debut their new video, "Prom Queen," which is off the album and was directed by Francesca Pazniokas. In the video, singer Felicia gets herself all gussied up before heading out to the prom with her bandmates. But, while each of her bandmates might be expecting a memorable night of dancing and possibly light necking, they each get something else entirely… (the kids in Carrie got off easy, is what I'm saying…)

We asked Felcia for a quote about the track but all she said was: "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

You can pick up the album here and check out the video for "Prom Queen" below, right now… if you dare…