Booze Cruise announce first wave of bands

Bristol's Booze Cruise just released their first wave of bands to play their second ever festival in the UK. The festival will be held from May 22nd to 24th, 2020 in Bristol, UK. The three-day festival will feature performances by Antillectual, Goodbye Blue Monday, Mikey Erg Band, Ramona and much more. Weekend passes for the festival are on sale now, you can click here to grab yours. See below to view the full list of first wave bands.

Aerial Salad - UK
All Better - UK
Alright - USA
Antillectual - NL
Burnt Tapes - UK
Darko - UK
Empire Me! - DE
The Gay Agenda - USA
Good Friend - IRL
Goodbye Blue Monday - UK
Hit Like A Girl - USA
Jabber - USA
Late Bloomer - USA
March - NL / BE
The Menstrual Cramps - UK
Mikey Erg Band - USA
Moonraker - USA
Ramona - USA
The Run Up - UK
Sewer Rats - DE
Shoreline - DE
The Social Club - UK
Teenage Bubblegum - IT
Trophy Jump - HR
Pardon Us - UK
Witching Waves - UK