Once again, Mr. Shea is back to bring you some more guest best of 2019 lists. Mr. Shea, as aided by Punknews' Pete V, spoke to The Follow Ups, The Hangups, and Not on Tour to see what their favorite releases of last year were. Check it out below.


Greg: One of my favorites of this year comes from Edmonton Alberta Canada. A New Rhetoric's 'Till The Last Drop' has some amazing musicianship and production! For fans of Propagandhi, Strung Out, Strike Anywhere….check it out!

Mike: ‘Do you remember me?’ A Tribute to Head - Moms Basement Records. Head is a band I’d only really head of mostly in passing over the years and unfortunately you just can’t check out everything you’ve ever caught wind of.. this is how I slept on other great bands so long but that’s a story for another day.. a gaggle of bands from across the land have come together to smash out 24 of Head’s best! raw, powerful, full of energy and off-brand humour, there’s not a bad song on this record! a couple of my personal favs from the record include: nah never mind not getting in to that, too hard to choose. Special mention to Jimmy Vapid for a really different and cool take on what was already a great tune ‘ ballad of the Hambugler’ If you’re a Ramones-core fan trust us, front to back - this ones for YOU.

Tyler: My favourite album of the year has to be Lagwagon’s Railer… Solid start to finish and brought back a lot of their old sounds while keeping to their newer formula. Stellar record. The only band I can think of that keeps getting better as the years go on!


1. Millencolin – SOS
Another strong album from these Swedish legends, full of catchy melodies that make me think of their earlier records.

2. Off With Their Heads – Be Good
OWTH are back with the first album in 6 years and they didn’t disappoint!

3. The Decline - Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
Excellent album from these Aussies, giving us 17 songs in 30 minutes. Some guest vocals, and overall a fast but melodic record. Love this!

4. Much The Same - Everything is fine
Only 9 songs on this record, but they’re all good! Been on heavy rotation the whole year.

5. Masked Intruder – III
Super catchy, and I wasn’t expecting anything else. Not one bad song on the whole album, and they still haven’t disappointed me with any of their releases!


Blowfuse - Daily Ritual
We found out about these guys for the first time when we played with them on Brakrock Festival- They play a mix of RKL, red hot chilli peppers and Nofx spiced with other 90’s bands and the result is just amazing. All their albums are great but Daily Ritual takes the cake and can just be played over and over again.

PUP - Morbid Stuff
The 4 Canadians somehow managed to do it again and write new songs that are even better than their previous stuff. Catchy melodies that are super emotional at the same time, while always staying original with songwriting like we’ve never heard.

Angel Du$t - Pretty Buff
On the first and even 5th listen this release was a bit weird- many acoustic guitars and very different from the bands’ previous albums. Could even say it sounds like a completely different band! But once you get over the difference in sound these new songs are pretty amazing and bring something totally new and refreshing to the table, perfect feelgood summer album.

Bayside - Interrobang
This one is simply a masterpiece. After the last few releases couldn’t top “The Walking Wounded” (In our eyes/ears only! Sorry hardcore bayside fans!) Bayside went on a heavier song writing road and also tuned their guitars a step down, which in combination with original and crazy songwriting a breathtaking record.

Masked Intruder - III
We love every release these guys make and this one is no different- super catchy melodies, killer guitar riffs and lyrics that make you fall in love with these romantic criminals. They’ve done it again!