Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra has issued his choice for President in the 2020 race. He's endorsing BOTH Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. You can read his full statement below.

Jello Biafra Statement

“I endorse Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President! If the New York Times can do a dual endorsement, so can I!

Yes, I am registered Green. I have not voted for a democrat for Prez since Jimmy Carter in 1976, right after I turned 18. But for the Dems, Liz and Bernie are by far the best.

Biden and Bloomberg are almost as bad as Trump. If those so-called “Super Delegates” hijack the convention, swipe the nomination and hand it to one of those guys, Trump wins. By a lot, as millions under 45 may well stay home in disgust. This can’t be allowed to happen, as the Senate and State offices are even more important than who’s president. A President Warren or Sanders gets nowhere if Moscow Mitch McConnell still controls the Senate. A (gasp!) re-“elected” (ha ha) Trump thwarted by a Democratic-majority Senate can’t put any more neo-Nazis, rapists and Christian Supremacist crackpots on the Federal courts.

I personally like Warren slightly better than Bernie because:

1) She’s done her homework. Bernie too, but not to quite the same depth or degree.

2) Think about it – Who really has a better chance of actually beating Trump, and helping flip Congress and state legislatures?? It’s Elizabeth Warren, hands down.

And those state races are more crucial than ever – whoever controls the legislatures in each state this time gets to redraw all the Congressional districts and all the districts in both state houses too. They could even repeal Jim Crow 2.0. Go!”

Jello Biafra