Mike Park, Kitty Kat Fan Club, and Joyce Manor have authorized Bernie Sanders to use their music in his campaign. Joyce Manor also played at Sanders' March 1 rally in san Jose. Mike Park has also publicly endorsed Sanders for President. Below, you can see a short clip where Sanders thanks Kitty Kat Fan Club and Joyce Manor for their contributions.

Mike Park issued a short statement: "Yesterday was a dream. We’ve played some FUN shows, but nothing that has felt so important to each of us as individuals. Much like a band though, political movements aren’t about ONE person, it’s about all of US coming together, and standing up for what we believe is right. United. Now please, we’re begging you California, (and all Super Tuesday states) get out tomorrow and #VOTE . Thank you @berniesanders AND @janeosanders for your kindness. They’re the real deal. This is our President."