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Off With Their Heads will release an acoustic LP on May 15. It's called Character and you can check out the lead single, "Be Good," below.

The band released a statement: "Well folks. We are all facing some serious reality. Times are going to definitely be tough for a while. All I can do is try my best to keep things moving and share what I have with my friends and employees. That being said, we are launching the pre order for our new acoustic record "Character" today. Kyle and I made it with Dan Jensen and Mike Felumlee. It was something I wanted to do to help stay busy when the last tour was called off. I'm really happy with it. Especially since it was recorded in these guys' basements. Either way. If you have the means, everyone in the Anxious and Angry family here is appreciative of any support. If not, we 4000% understand. I'll be emailing anyone who pre orders the vinyl the A side of the record right away. Love, Ryan"