Punknews to stream a series of live shows as the 'Lockdown Freakout'... starting today at 4pm est!!!

Listen, the staff at Punknews is BUGGING OUT over the Covid-19 quarantine! No live shows! No records shops open! It's making us go crazy! (The podcast's John G and Tom Trauma are suffering from live show DTs right now!)

So, to brighten up your day just a little, we've got a plan as to how to spend your bummer isolation! We're going to throw a series of live shows via streaming devices! We're calling it the Lockdown Freakout and it starts today!

In just a half hour, we're going to stream a live show by Crazy and the Brains! (That's 4:00pm est!)

After that, over the next few weeks, we've got some REALLY neat things planned and some surprises. So, let's kick off the Lockdown Freakout in 30 minutes! See you soon!