Watch Thirst Things First mix a track and drink oil at 5pm est today!

Even on the weekend we are continuing our Lockdown Freakout series! In the series, we stream live performances to you in the comfort of your own quarantine zone so you can get the feel of going out without leaving your six-foot safety bubble!

Today at 5pm, we've got a little something different for you. The robo-space rock band from the future, Thirst Things First will be hosting an on camera party where they will be drinking oil, mixing a new track, and just getting up to some futuristic hijinx. That's at 5pm est today, right here! So come back then!

Then, be sure to stop back next week for some more Lockdown Freakoutepisodes! On Monday at 4pm, we've got Teenage Bigfoot playing a live set! Wednesday at 4pm, Audrey Crash of Pushin It the Limit plays some tunes and might talk about her music therapy practice. Then, on Friday at 4pm, Stolen Wheelchairs will blast through a full set of full on punk rock. We'll see you!