We're continuing our Lockdown Freakout series! In the series, we stream live performances to you in the comfort of your own quarantine zone so you can get the feel of going out without leaving your six-foot safety bubble!

Today at 4pm est, we're bringing you a full live set from Philadelphia's Catbite! Simply put, Catbite is wonderful. The band mixes two-tone ska with classic punk and add just a little bit of soul, resulting in a fresh sound that pays tribute to the legends without retreading their footsteps. This band is ACE! See you here at 4pm!

Then, be sure to stop back later this week for some more Lockdown Freakout episodes! On Thursday at 4pm, Cristy Road of Choked Up is playing a solo set! Then, on Friday at 4pm, Stolen Wheelchairs will smash through a three chord show!