In a series of recent podcast appearances, Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover of the Melvins have released some limited information about upcoming Melvins projects. Osborne stated that the band has recorded enough material to at least fill an EP with members of Mudhoney. Both Osborne and Crover have stated that the band has also recorded some Material in their "Melvins 1983" incantation, which finds Osborne on guitar, Crover on Bass, and original drummer Matt Dillard on the skins.

Meanwhile. Osborne will release his next solo album, The Gift of Sacrifice on Ipecac on May 15. Crover has also alluded to new Dale Crover band material. We'll keep you updated. The last full length Melvins album was Pinkus Abortion Technician in 2018. A string of EPs has been released since then.