Block By Blockwest online festival announces first wave of bands
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Rock band Courier Club have announced the first wave of bands that will be playing their online music festival, “Block By Blockwest” this April. The online music festival will take place Saturday, April 25, 2020 in the online video game Minecraft. The festival will also be available to stream on the official “Block By Blockwest” website as well as on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. Updates will be provided via the Block By Blockwest Dischord page. The festival will include performances by Pussy Riot, Hunny, Fever 333, and Citizen among others as well as opportunities to buy their merch. There will also be a virtual art gallery as well as opportunities to play mini games. All of the proceeds will go to the CDC’s Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund. Check out the lineup below.

2020 Block By Blockwest First Wave

Pussy Riot

Nothing, Nowhere.


Fever 333

Oliver Francis


Billy Lemos

Cowgirl Clue

The Wrecks

Courier Club

Phil Good

Dana Dentata

Argonaut and Wasp

Magdalena Bay

The Polar Boys

Mood Killer

Deal Casino


Heart Attack Man

Los Shadows


Cannibal Kids


Skin Mag