Ticketmaster changes refund policy due to Covid-19, refuses pre-change refund requests

Recently, Ticketmaster quietly changed its ticket refund policy due to Covid-19's effect on live concerts. The policy previously stated that refunds "are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled." Now, the policy page has been edited to say refunds "are available if your event is canceled." Ticketbuyers who ourchased tickets before the policy change are being denied refund requests. Ticketmaster issued a press release that stated, in part, the reason it could not issue mass refunds is because the majority of funds received are transferred to venues, and are not held by ticketmaster. Of course, Livenation owns many venues that are booked through ticketmaster, which is alos owned by Livenation.

Recently, Stubuhub was hit with a class action due to a similar policy change.