Today, we are psyched to debut the new track by Crasher!

Crasher formed last year in San Diego and they've wasted no time in forging their own sound. The band is a trio that includes members of Weatherbox now, but on this EP, the band included just David Mead and AJ Peacox. Their new track, "It's Over" has the ghostly jangle of 60s garage rock, but it also has the backbone of of the post-punk heavyeights like Gang of Four. Meanwhile, a dark, acid riddled coating seems to drip across the entire recording.

The band's David Mead spoke to Punknews about the new tune: "'It’s Over' is about finally being rid of a demon. It's kind of a celebration, but just a celebration that comes with things going from worse to normal instead of normal to better."

The band's new EP, Traitor is out May 8. You can pre-order it here and you can check out the new track below, right now!