Squirtgun's official website is reporting that:

     "Dan Lumley has announced his intention to leave Squirtgun, and retire from music. This is a decision that he has undertaken very seriously, and only after much thought. Dan has certainly "paid his dues," and decidedly qualifies as a legendary punk drummer, having played in not only Squirtgun, but also SCREECHING WEASEL, COMMON RIDER, the RIVERDALES, the METHADONES, EVEN IN BLACKOUTS, the MOPES, RATTAIL GRENADIER, and even doing guest stints with the LILLINGTONS, the QUEERS, the TEEN IDOLS, and more. Dan is like a brother to us, and we wish him the best in anything he does."

Drumming for Squirtgun currently is Mike Felumlee, who's played in the Smoking Popes, the Alkaline Trio and Duvall.