Check out the new track by Chasing Rainbows!

Today, we are pleased to debut the new track by Chasing Rainbows.

"I Don't Wanna (Go To Bed Tonight)" might have a Ramones-aping title, but the track pulls the LSD haze of "Strawberry Fields Forever" into late night honky tonk. As vocalist Lawrence Rengert floats in the realm between sleep and consciousness, a whirring slide guitar carries him through the spacey-journey.

Rengert spoke to Punknews about the track: "It’s a sonic journey through childhood adventures. Staying up all night with your cousins in elementary school unbeknownst to your parents. Reading books by flashlight and making up stories. Then escaping the house early in the morning to go get donuts as the sun comes up."

You can pick up their new album here and check out the video below, right now!