Public Enemy

When we last left Public Enemy, it was April 1, 2020, and they were in dire straits. Frontman Chuck D and hypeman Flava Flav had been feuding publicly for a few years at that point. On April 1, Chuck D and several Public Enemy members, led by Chuck D, released an album as "Enemy Radio" without Flava Flav and Professor Griff. At the same time, Chuck D stated that the feud with Flav was a "hoax" and was a long running plan to discredit mainstream media and to increase Flav's fame. Within hours, Flav stated that Chuck D's "hoax story" was a lie and the feud was indeed real. It appeared that it may be the end of PE. You can read our review of Enemy Radio's Loud is Not Enough right here .

Well, it looks like the battle is over. Today, Public Enemy released a new video single for "State of the Union (STFU)". Not only does the track feature DJ Premier, but both Chuck D and Flav contribute to the track and are in the video. You can see the video below.